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Dongsheng Transglutaminase type TG-B and TG-GB series are functional formula based on Transglutaminase.TG-B series apply for emulsified/fermented meat processing products, minced cooked products(ask for application details).TG-GB series apply for restructuring meat products(ask for application details)

Application Benefits

Emulsified Sausages and minced cookedproducts • Improves texture and elasticity while standardizing the final product.
• Facilitates the elimination of phosphates and caseinates.
• Increases meat bite.
• Increases the final texture in low sodium products.
• Improves look and appeal of slices
• Reduces slicing losses
Cooked Ham • Dissolves easily in brine
• Increases final texture in low sodium products.
• Helps eliminate phosphates
• During the maturing process, the product gains firmness much more rapidly.
Dry fermented sausages e.g. salami, etc. • Texture and bonding are improved during the primary stages of the curing process
• Reduces slicing losses
• improving final product costs.
Meatball products • improve elasticity and texture of products
• Increase the product yield by 5-10%.
• Increase gel strength.
Restructuring(meat andfish) products(powder/slurry) • Increasing slicing effectiveness.
• End product with freewheeling shapes.
• Once restructured, the product can be cooked or frozen without losing shape.
• Standardization of meat products even when using lower quality grades of meat.

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