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Transglutaminase is a food enzyme which is widely distributed in nature, is composed of simple amino acid chains, and in processing industry is used to improve revolutionary the physical properties of foods which containing various proteins, to add value to products.

We got Transglutaminase by fermentation process which is similar to making beer, wine and cheese, using conventional microorganisms called Streptoverticillium Mobaraense.

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Industry Application

  • Meat

    Dongsheng Transglutaminase type TG-B and TG-GB series are functional formula based on Transglutaminase.TG-B series apply for emulsified/fermented meat processing products, minced cooked products(ask for application details).TG-GB series apply for restructuring meat products(ask for application details)

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  • Dairy

    Dongsheng Transglutaminase type TG-M series are functional formula based on the Transglutaminase(TG), are specially designed for dairy products like cheese and yoghurt.

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  • Fish

    Dongsheng Transglutaminase type TG-K series are functional formula based on Transglutaminase, are specially designed for surimi and surimi based value added products, and are popular around East Asia and countries with prosperous fish processing industries.

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  • Bakery

    Dongsheng TG-F series are functional formula based on Transglutaminase especially designed for cereal products such as Loaf bread. It can be added as dry powder. When added to flours or baking agents, improves the resistance of dough to stretching, particularly of yeast dough made from wheat flour.

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  • Veg

    Dongsheng TG-D series are functional formula based on the Transglutaminase(TG) that is produced by fermentation of Streptoverticillium Mobaraense. TG-D series are specially designed for the production of the functional isolate proteins, Chiba Tofu, lactone Tofu and other bionic vegetarian. 

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