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QIs TG safe to use in food?

It has been years TG was used in food industry application in many countries, TG is Generally Recognized as Safty(GRAS) in U.S.A.

QIs specific preparation necessary for handling transglutaminase?

Typical enzyme handling measures are required.

QIs Transglutaminase produced by GMO?

Dongsheng TG is produced by a non-GMM (Genetic Modified Microorganism). It is a non-GMO product according EC Legislation.

QDoes TG need specific labeling?

Not necessary from regulatory viewpoint as TG is a processing aid, there is no technological effect or function of the enzyme in the final product in general.

QWhat is a processing aid?

"Processing aid" means any substances not consumed as a food by itself, intentionally used in the processing of raw materials, foods or their ingredients, to fulfil a certain technological purpose during treatment or processing, and which may result in the unintentional but technically unavoidable presence of residues of the substance or its derivatives in the final product, provided that these residues do not present any health risk and do not have any technological effect on the finished product.

QHow is TG positioned in other countries?

TG is approved for food use in many other countries other than EU member states, including, but not limited to, U.S.A., Candada, Brazil, Japan, Korea, China and Thailand. TG is Generally Recognized as Safty(GRAS) in U.S.A..

QIs there any legislation governing TG in EU?

Regulation (EC) 1332/2008 has entered into force in January 2009. It regulates the use of food grade enzymes in the European Union. Among others, this regulation aims to establish a positive list of enzymes, which will be allowed to be used in food after an evaluation by EFSA, the authorization by the Commission and the vote of the Parliament. Dongsheng has submitted dossiers for our TG; it is currently under evaluation by EFSA.

QThe regulatory status of the enzyme transglutaminase in the processing of raw and heated meat.

TG is to be regarded as a processing aid. TG is added to foodstuff due to technical reasons in the process of production or treatment, but TG itself or its brake down or reaction products become or can become a part of the foodstuff. As there is no technological function in the final product, TG is legally to be assessed as a processing aid.

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